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Science Fiction & Fantasy TV Favourites

True Blood Episode Guide: Season Three

We figured it's about time we did more coverage of True Blood so here it is. IGP's very own episode guide to True Blood's third season!

Ashes to Ashes Series Three Episode Guide

As Ashes to Ashes reaches its third and final series, IGPNicki is there to keep you updated. Lets fire up the Quattro!

Doctor Who Season Five Episode Guide

It's all change on the new Who with a brand new showrunner in the form of seasoned Who writer Stephen Moffat, and Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Will this be as good as the Tenant/RTD days? Find out!

Lost episode Guide: The Final Season

Can't keep track of Lost? Check out IGP's episode guide for the series' sixth and final season.

Doctor Who: The End of Time Part Two Review (B-)

IGPNicki welcomes in 2010 and says goodbye to David Tennant's Tenth Doctor.

Doctor Who: The End of Time Part One Review (B-)

It's Christmas time again, which not only means it's time for another Dr Who special, but this one's a very special special, being Tennat's swan song before he leaves the series forever.

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars (B)

The time of the tenth doctor is almost over and the team at IGP are here to give you their views on this penultimate episode. Warning: Heavy spoilers ahead!

Team Portal Watches V Re-Make

The remake of V has aired and Team Portal watched it. Here's what we thought...

V, The Story So Far

IGPNicki here! The Original V miniseries is still one of the first science fiction shows Ican remember actually seeking out and watching. Will the re-make live up to the original? Let's see...

Dollhouse Episode Guide: Season 2

Dollhouse is back for its second season. After the events of the season finale, not to mention the look into the future via Epitaph One, this should prove to be an intersting year!

A Newer, Darker Stargate Universe

IGPNicki investigates the third incarnation in the Stargate franchise, which promises to be grittier and more mature than previous series.

True Blood Season Two Round Up

This season of True Blood had the opposite problem of last season. Editor Nicki explains why.

True Blood: The Story So Far

With True Blood entering its sophomore year, IGPNicki decided to check out this Southern vampire tale that has gotten HBO viewers all hot and bothered.

Dollhouse Episode Guide

Wondering whether or not Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is worth watching? Check out IGP's episode guide to find out!

TV Review: Doctor Who Easter Special: Planet of the Dead

It's Easter which can only mean one thing. Time for the Doctor Who Easter Special. Sadly this outing feels more tired and contrived than it should be.

Dollhouse: 7 Reasons Why I Canít Wait for Friday Night

With Dollhouse already being so heavily reported on there's not a whole lot that IGP can add, so we decided instead to simply talk about the reasons why we can't wait for Joss Whedon's new baby to air.

Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide: Season 4.5

Battlestar Galactica is just a mere half season away from revealing all, and IGP decided it was about frakkin' time we did an episode guide. Be warned. Spoilers Ahead!!

Battlestar Galactica: The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Ugly

With less than a week to go before the beginning of the end of Battlestar Galactica, IGP reminisces about the story so far, reviewing the highs and the lows. Spoilers ahead!

Who is Matt Smith?

At just 26 years old he's been cast in the most coveted role in Britain, as the Eleventh Doctor. But just who is Matt Smith? Nicki find out...

Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Next Doctor B

With all these rumours abound regarding the mystery of the Eleventh Doctor, Nicki decides to tackle a spoiler free review of the Doctor Who Christmas special titled: The Next Doctor.

Legend of the Seeker: Series Premiere C

Iím not a huge fan of Goodkindís Sword of Truth series so I wasnít really expecting a whole lot from the television series. Conversely, not being a fan of the original material, I had thought that that would have left me more open-minded about the direction that the producers had decided to take with this new series and not upset at how the original premise had been ruined.

Life on Mars Review (US) Series Premiere C-

Many of you that have followed our coverage of LoM already know IGPís feelings on this new re-make, but we had to at least give it a chance and see if it had made any improvements over the ghastly pilot they had previously done

Sanctuary Review Episode One

The double episode that I watched Friday night, was not as quote Ďoriginalí unquote, a storyline as I had been led to believe.

Science Fiction Cartoon Spin-off's: The Hit List

The new Spaceballs: The Animated series got us thinking about all the animated spin-off series that have come and gone. Some never got off the ground at all, while others were quickly cancelled.

Best Buffy Moments

With Buffy the Vampire Slayer's recent Emmy nomination for best tv moment in a drama, we thought we'd make our list of best Buffy moments.

Doctor Who Episode Round Up Part 2

The second half of our exciting Doctor Who episode round up. With the series 4 finale just days away from airing on the Sci-Fi Channel get caught up, right here!

Doctor Who Episode Round-Up

Now that we're more than halfway through the fourth season of Doctor Who here is IGP'sd episode round-up.

Top Ten Buffy Villains

A lot of villains have come through Buffy. Some of them have been Buffy's closest friends. We decided to come up with our own ultimate top ten villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Is There American Life on Mars

IGP caught a preview of the US version of Life on Mars. Already the show is moving location, and the pilot is being re-shot. See what IGP thought of this early version of the pilot.

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